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Argumentacija in retorika

Gradiva za predmet Argumentacija in retorika na fakulteti za humanistične študije v Kopru.

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Retorika begunske politike v Sloveniji

Begunec je skratka beseda, ki je skoraj preobložena s po-menom in je (zato) ni mogoče podeljevati komurkoli. Še zlasti ne neznanim, nepovabljenim prišlekom, »srepih pogledov« in »neznanih namenov«, ki se blatni in umazani plazijo preko naših meja.

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The rhetoric of refugee policies in Slovenia

Refugee is a term that is almost too loaded with meanings. Ergo, it cannot be attached to anyone, particularly not to the unknown, uninvited arrivals with ‘vacant gazes’ and ‘unknown intentions’ who sneak into the country on all fours covered in mud and dirt. Those cannot be other than prebežniki2 – note how relentlessly precise is the authentic folk diction here – people who fled to Slovenia for unknown reasons and intend(ed) to continue their journey towards the most frequent destination, the West. Prebežniki thus became a label for the category of people who found themselves within the Slovene territory almost accidentally, by mistake one could say, and in doing so they violated Slovene laws because they crossed the border illegally. Slovenes obviously do not want to see that prebežniki, the same as refugees, flee from something and seek refuge.

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